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We always strive to have the most competent team in order to convert our customers ideas into viable products.
Frank Max Laursen

Frank Max Laursen


With Micro Technic since 1993. He is second generation of the founder of the company.
"I strongly believe in partnerships. We must created the foundations for a succesful business thru mutual succesful partnerships. Everybody must win!"

Claus Hønborg

Claus Hønborg

CFO / Økonomichef

With Micro Technic since 2015. He has a background as financial manager in various Danish production companies in the wood and glass industry.

Vivian Schjønberg Nielsen

Vivian Schjønberg Nielsen

HR Manager

With Micro Technic since 2008. She has a background in the shipping and fashion industry in Germany and Denmark.

Jimi Klitholm Sandgreen

Jimi Klitholm Sandgreen

Production Manager

With Micro Technic since January 2019. Jimi holds a engineering degree in Lean and production management. He has more than 20 years experience within Danish industrial companies including Louis Poulsen, ProAutomatic and more.

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Micro Technic information vedr. COVID19

Micro Technic støtter naturligvis regeringens og de danske myndigheders opfordring til iværksættelse af foranstaltninger, således at vi også kan medvirke til at reducere de ulemper COVID-19 situationen har på hele vores samfund. I samarbejde med Read more…

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